The lower echeleon/the lies they stretch so long/as above so below/tepco and camelco have got to go/DU originating from down under/splitting genomes asunder/the babies the maybes the future/the plans they have will never suit ya/uproot the lizards dreaming/ and give culture and nature a steaming/daymares and weapon fairs/the dragons arise from their lairs/to tear Iraqis and star kids apart/the pacific is acidifying/the Atlantic is getting frantic/the Indian’s future is obsidian/while land dwellers meander like legless salamanders in burning sands/ the Cold War is reheated and served in silence/machine vs ignorance/the ugly blind dance/protestors are peppered and sprayed with bullets/war heroes are like advertisement fairy tales/we are invested in war/as we are in peace/do we come in peace or leave in pieces/the corporate private polices/micro artillery all up in your capillaries/the poison apple and the wicked tracebook/silicon slaves and pentagon knaves/doubt the truth and bend the bible/be your own black disciple/or up the ante and find your shanti/supplant the tyrant slash dot dash end rant

Diggings (Kalgoorlie Minor)

Her fair dinkum West Aussie accent was cute and her manner sweet and pleasant, slightly nervous apparently as she ripped the docket out of the EFTPOS machine prematurely and apologised and showed me how she stuffed it up, laughing self consciously…the Caucasian man in the loo nodded and said g’day to me in my Aboriginal flag tee shirt 9 days after the horrible incident at Gibbles Creek, here in Kalgoorlie. I wait for my double beef pattie burger, hoping not to be late for our procession down to the site of the death of Elijah..each pattie itself was pretty fat and vacuous, a low grade mince that I stuffed into me almost as if I were in some kind of competition..I demolished the entire monstrosity so rapidly my wedges were still too hot to eat afterward, which was just as well since my compulsion to finish what is on my plate was neither healthy nor timely..I skipped back to find we were still waiting for someone, so I took off again, revelling in my freedom to hop n shop. I found some pretty red and yellow flowering gumnuts by Kalgoorlie primary school and asked the first person I met to snap a pic of me with them for my girlfriend. Maree was more than happy to oblige, in that she took three shots and yabbered on with me about Elijah’s passing and how she knew him and the role of media in the whole issue and exacerbation of tensions.
In the supermarket I was looking for the energy drink 28Black and I saw four or five workers having a chinwag by the staff door before one of them looked at me and said “shhhh” to the casual gossipy country gang. I got everything on special and Gay was on for a chat as well, talking tote bags et al.
At a quarter to four, I made the bus in seconds flat. As a group, the Walkatjura Walkabout mob paid their respects to Elijah and his family at the site where he was run down. His uncle and a lady named Brownwyn testified about the tragic incident and bemoaned the racist influence on the handling of the matter and also on how it came to happen in the first place.
An elderly Caucasian man asked me how I was going outside Coles supermarket. The guy at Puma servo was real cordial, as was the hottie at the TAB. I’m poking around in Kal tomorrow, so if you see me, make sure you come say g’day!