Urban owl sighting

On Tuesday June 17th at around 9pm out front of my mate’s place in Mansfield st Thornbury, four of us saw an owl on the electric wire. She looked like a Tawny Frogmouth to me. Nobody took photographs that night.

Early Winter

My ears picked up the soothing, grounding sound of a didjeridu on Swanston St tonight and the ¬†clear-eyed man playing it looked beautiful there on the footpath. A few coins and a fiver had been thrown down onto his mat. I searched for coins as i stood there and contemplated once more the monetary system and how indigenous peoples are being drawn into its treacherous machinations. I have been reading about native plants whilst seeking to develop a more intimate relationship with the land and I had a Westpac ATM handy right there. I drew from it a solitary lobster and contemplated gifting the aboriginal man with it. “Don’t be attached to this bullshit, ” I said to myself. I considered my own financial woes, ummed and ahhed, then had my mate from Colombia intercept all this, out of the grey. I motioned thanks and respect to the musician and trekked on.