Acknowledgement from 2013

burning seed era 1262

psy trance of grub

I’ve appreciated the musical genre of psychedelic trance for some years now and its always nice to hear someone doing it freshly. I found Grub tonight, courtesy of Boom radio. His set is what you could term a psychedelicacy, which a tone to the bass that sounds properly constructed by analog synths, which is accompanied by clever, intricate and not-super-cliche mid-high freq’s.  Plenty of spacious arrangement, no ridiculously whizzy rising sounds, or double-double-double speed twist ups. Darkish progressive, laced with novel sounds and a healthy aura of mind-dicing aural forays…

You cookie-cutter lemming replicant safe bet snorefest mind bashing projection action figure lads of the generic “psy” world can’t touch this.