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keen for quinoa?

I bought some organic bolivian the other day from Coles Supermarkets, got a little excited on the pour for the pre-soak, now I’ve got oodles and oodles of sprouted quinoa, much of which i dispensed into a bier jug I found on Church Street (full of bier, mind you- but that’s another story..) the other day. I’ve plied various people with little handfuls of said bounty and few people were hesitant, which was pleasing…If you can’t ignore them, feed them- that’s what I havent always said.

Electricity generation

Locally produced micro generation seems to me like one of the most sensible thrusts when it comes to seeking alternatives to the embarassingly evil norms of energy production in this great brown land of ours. I have liked the idea of a homegym hooked up to a battery pack, for instance, for years…

Following that..

I just emailed GetUp about republishing their material in audio format on my Soundcloud and the surname of the contact person was McClean. Isn’t that beautiful?! (since the particular campaign I was responding to was all about “clean energy’/ renewable energy).

Shout Out To Someone ie You

How’s life? Plenty of challenges and opportunities and beauty as far as I can see..The way things feel now to me is pretty close to how they have felt in any given year for the past decade and half or so, only conditions on Earth have apparently deteriorated drastically and thus some of my optimism has turned to guilt as I assess how little effort I’ve made in many elements of the harmonization paradigm. I know I’ve made some positive contributions to life on Earth, and there is some mediocre pride associated with that, but given my faculties and awareness, this is dwarfed by what impact I COULD have had up until this point. And so, as I’ve trumpeted countless times previously, I declare that I am henceforth going to concentrate on making my actions, my hours, my purchases, my kilojoules count toward something that may assist planetary homeostasis of the kind we seem blithely uninterested in as a race of hominids with enlarged brainstems, as it sits.

Your feedback is warmly encouraged, dear citizen.

The desert beckons..