Marinated Notions

I’m having a gung-ho crack at marinating some chopped roo I bought from Coles with a turmeric chili  (with special ALDI dumpstered dried chili) satay straight from the pot it was cooking in, all hot and all….minutes after commencement the meat still appeared mostly red raw to the eye from memory and it was all I could do to let it idle in first a minnie while i pottered around the homestead, getting my feet wet, as it were, with nary a soul in sight unless you count plants which I do it always takes forever have you ever listentokliment hash tug I’ll be sure to spell out how I thought the saucy dish plates up w some pad thai noodle n a caulibrocoli duet over a dashing flame of nuanced ewokation once I’ve used my mother as a guniea pig (excellent-to be said in the vein of a one Montgomery Burns).

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